Lighting decorations

Illuminated decorations radiate pure elegance with just a touch of magic and sensuality. We would like to encourage all young couples to open up for non-standard solutions. The effects are amazing and breathtaking, unforgettable not just for the hosts, but also for the invited guests...

Our offer

Illumination of the wedding hall / entire setting in any color

Illumination of individual elements, such as decorations, flowers, fabrics, walls, catering or the drink bar

Water-like effects - illuminated waterfalls springing for the wedding hall's walls or floor

Architectural lighting of the building's exterior, highlighting its architectural elements

Animated effects - texts, the young couple's initials, images, visualizations

Smoke, fog and snow generators that can bring a fabulous character to the wedding ceremony,

Photo and video presentations on LED screens

Professional loud speaker systems (also for the band)