Wedding Packages

The packages have been created for couples who have a clear vision of a perfect wedding party. We offer 4 various options that fit just perfectly in a wedding hall or a tent. You can choose either of the packages or ask for a fully customized project.

The Magic Moment

(up to 30 guests)

Thanks to us, your wedding will be a never-ending story of magic, joy and emotions. It will be THE moment...

Cherry Blossom

(30 - 50 guests)

The celebration’s nature defines the festivities. The romantic lighting will make it an unforgettable memory for you and your dearest guests.

The Snow White

(50 - 90 guests)

On this day, the most important one for you, everything should be like in a fairy-tale, in a beautiful ballroom, with the Prince and the Princess taking the floor...

Arabian Nights

(90 - 120 guests)

We will bring the mysterious, magical air to your wedding. The guests will be in awe with the original Scheherazade’s palace.